Introducing WAVE RIDER by Rue De Seine

Introducing WAVE RIDER by Rue De Seine

Introducing WAVE RIDER by Rue De Seine. Mobile Image

Oct 29, 2021

The newest collection from Rue De Seine is finally here! We are sworn to secrecy during the months leading up to launch, so when it’s officially time to reveal, we are screaming from the rooftops! This long-awaited release is always worth the wait.

“Through bold embroideries, billowing shapes and textural prints, explore our latest collection. 

Inspired by the ocean and the nature that breathes around us, that moves our hearts and creates both an escape and connection, to ourselves and each other. 

 Let our swirling embroideries wrap around you like a tide pulling you out to a place of wonder, while our natural hues bring you a sense of calm. Our collection will shepherd patterns and textures inspired by our splendorous world, delicately crafted piece by piece and shared with our brides. 

Encapsulating a place that evokes emotion, celebrates our adventurous brides who drive, trek and marvel through life. 

Join us on this journey through the collection’s optimistic look toward the season ahead while channeling the chime of waves lapping onto the shore, sand on our skin and salt in our hair. 

 Let our new collection Wave Rider transport you into the world of unknown wonder. Wave Rider captures the essence of the sun, sand, and surf, for the adventurous brides who want to start the next big adventure in life.  “
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PHOTOGRAPHER Sony Hall Photography

HMU Ruth Baron

JEWELRY Heart of Gold Designs + Maison Roe