PSA: First Time Shoppers

PSA: First Time Shoppers

Sep 02, 2022

Hello to all our future #realeverthinebride’s to be! We’ve been getting a lot of first-time shoppers recently, and thought it would be helpful to pass along the 411 on dress shopping at Everthine! So scroll down and get to know our tips on making the best of your dress shopping experience.


Here at Everthine, we cater to a bride who is looking to feel unique and one of a kind on her wedding day. Our girl is fashion forward, effortless, and very, very cool. She doesn’t want to see her self coming and going. Cake topper ballgowns really aren’t her thing. Neither are fully corseted princess gowns. She gravitates towards modern bohemian lace for her mountain top elopement. Maybe a laid back crepe for her romantic-chic city wedding. Or perhaps a romantic silk for her backyard nuptials. Maybe even some delicate beadwork that will match her twinkle lights for the night of. What we’re getting at is: make sure the shop you are visiting caters to the bridal style you are looking to achieve.

It is crucial to have booked your wedding date BEFORE you shop for your wedding dress. Since bridal gowns are made to order, we have to submit a brides wedding date with each and every order. Our designers plan their production lineup accordingly. They also want to make sure they ship your gown with ample time for alterations! Most turnarounds on the bridal designers WE CARRY are anywhere from 4-8 months upon delivery alone. Then you need to account for 1-3 months worth of alterations. This is why we suggest purchasing your wedding dress 1 year in advance. Yup, you heard that right! There is no such thing as “too early” in our book.

Along with your date, you need to have picked your venue. Will you be indoors, outdoors, or both? Will there be air conditioning? Do you want long sleeves in case it’s chilly or something light and airy in case its blazing hot? Your venue will not only help you visualize your day, but will also guide you in a practical direction too.

Before your appointment, have the budget convo with whomever that may be. Decide in advance what comfortable amount you’d like to spend on your dress. At Everthine, our collections begin around $2,500 and go up to $8,000. The majority of our gowns are between $2,500-$4,000. You have the option of paying for your gown in full or putting a non-refundable 60% deposit down upon ordering. The remaining 40% is due within 14 days of the gown arriving in store. We also offer payment plans!

While it might seem like the obvious to bring all your best friends and family, it can easily create overwhelm and straight-up chaos. Make sure the people you bring know you are YOUR personal style best. Often times, guests can lose track of who they are shopping for - themselves or the bride. It’s important that your entourage understands your vision before your appointment. Additionally, since we are an intimate boutique with limited space, we only allow the bride +4 guests max in our larger room.

Believe it or not, trying on wedding dresses IS WORK. It can be physically and mentally exhausting getting in and out of gowns for 2 straight hours! Think twice before booking multiple appointments in one day. Be kind to yourself and your crew! If you think you found your gown, trust your gut and say YES! Focus on how you are feeling in that very moment. Cherish it and stay present. The more you try to recreate special moments at different bridal shops, the more confused and discouraged you will get. When you know it’s the one, stop looking, say yes, and celebrate after with brunch at one of our favorite local spots!


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